Why Hire A Private Investigator?

Locating People

We are experienced in finding old friends, natural parents, loved ones, those evading lawful legal due process, or others whom you may be missing. Using a private investigator avoids hours spent just to reach frustrating dead-ends. Our location methods are sound, efficient, and economical. Let us help you locate the person you seek.

Obtain a Professional Factual Investigative Report

We provide straight-forward, professional reports of our investigation findings and analyses which are used by clients and their attorneys to help win their court cases.

Conduct a Background Check

Before entering into a contract with anyone, whether an employee, business partner, tenant, or potential significant other, it is prudent to obtain a criminal and civil background check including a credit report. Our background investigations will help you in making good decisions and avoiding future problems in your dealings with others.

Verify Infidelity

During a time when professionalism and compassion are most needed, we help clients and divorce attorneys establish facts for family court proceedings. We discretely and thoroughly gather information that proves beneficial – or even crucial - to the case.

Peace of Mind

Whether related to personal security, employee interviews, surveillance for fraud detection, fact-finding for a custody dispute, or other troubling issues, we are able to verify or disprove a concerning question you may have in your private or business life, allowing you to move forward without doubt.

Service Areas & Contact Infomation

We cover the entire Denver Metro area, which reaches to the Wyoming border (North), Limon (East), Colorado Springs (South), & Grand Junction (West).

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About Us

Inquiry PI is a professional private investigations company based in the Denver Metro area and providing services throughout Colorado. We are investigators with law enforcement, security, and social services backgrounds. Our mission is to discreetly provide individuals, attorneys, and organizations with the truth in an ethical and proficient manner, leveraging a large network of resources and creative approaches. Our team has vast experience in research, creating reports, surveillance, interviewing, and testifying in court. We will tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Todd Tangye, Founder, was born and raised in Colorado & comes from a long line of law enforcement officers. He was Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) - certified in 1998, has worked in federal security (physical and cyber) since 2006.

Danny Trznadel has 25 years of federal law enforcement and investigative experience. After spending the final 8 years of his career in Denver, he worked in private industry for 3 years as a Senior Manager of Corporate Security with a fortune 100 company leading and managing physical security and investigations teams.

Maureen Mallory adds a unique perspective with over 10 years of experience in data mining, trend analysis, and business and consumer intelligence as former Director of Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, for a fortune 500 company. Additionally, she holds a Masters Degree in School Counseling providing insight to human behavior, personal interviewing skills, and fostering a trusting client environment.

Background Checks

Background Checks

Background checks are sought for a variety of reasons including screening potential employees and business partners, verifying someone’s identity, or even satisfying general suspicions. We understand that these issues can be sensitive and will ensure your privacy is protected. Inquiry PI provides background checks for attorneys, large corporations, small businesses, and individuals.

At Inquiry PI, we provide background checks for small businesses, large corporations, lawyers, and private individuals.

Our background checks can include the following:

  • Criminal/Civil Records
  • Work History
  • Past/Current Residence
  • Lawsuits
  • Liens/Judgements
  • Credit/Bankruptcies
  • Transcripts
  • Workers’ Compensation Records
  • Missing Heirs
  • Due Diligence Checks
  • Surveillance
  • Witness Interviews

Call us today to discuss the level of background investigation that will meet your needs.



Inquiry PI is prepared to conduct your investigation using a variety of methods. All investigative tactics are performed ethically and legally to yield accurate and court-admissible evidence. Inquiry PI investigators know where to look, how to interview, and are prepared to testify to their findings in court.


  • Criminal and Civil Defense – We examine case files, find evidence, network with other professionals, interview witnesses, write professional factual reports, and are experienced at testifying in court.
  • Insurance Fraud – We investigate house or car insurance, health insurance, and life insurance claims to ensure the validity and accuracy of all claimant information.
  • Workers Comp Claims – We help to uncover fraudulent compensation claims and collect evidence that can be used in court.
  • Employee Theft – We identify and acquire proof of employees who may be defrauding a company by stealing or giving away money and/or other assets, or falsifying time worked.
  • Harassment/Stalking – Through counter-surveillance, investigations, identity verifications, and security consulting, we will gather evidence and help take steps to improve your personal security.
  • Missing Persons – In certain circumstances, we can help track down someone you seek.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you need to investigate a legal or personal matter, contact us today to discuss the details of your situation.



Inquiry PI offers state-of-the-art surveillance services and techniques. All video and photo evidence provided is time-stamped and adheres to Colorado legal standards. Investigators receive on-going and up to date training to ensure that documentation, videos, pictures, and other evidence collected will hold up in court.

Surveillance services for, but not limited to:

  • Marital Infidelity
  • Employee Investigations
  • Workers’ Comp Claims
  • Harassment/Stalking
  • Missing Person Investigations
  • Other Business Requirements

If you have any questions about surveillance investigations, give us a call.

Security Consulting and Assessment

Security Consulting & Assessment

Inquiry PI uses expertise, experience, and analysis to provide commercial and residential security vulnerability assessments. We will review your security standards and processes and recommend improvements that fit your needs and budget.

Common Reasons for a Corporate Consultation:

  • Access Control, Intrusion Detection, and Video Surveillance
  • Employee Terminations
  • Bomb and Other Workplace Threats
  • Social Engineering/Hackers

Common Reasons for a Residence/Personal Consultation:

  • General Home Security
  • High Profile Job
  • Family Name/Notoriety
  • Stalkers
  • Other Personal Circumstances that elevate risk of personal attacks

After assessment, Inquiry PI will recommend appropriate equipment and can coordinate procurement and installation. Following, we will test your systems and processes to reduce security risks and improve operational efficiency.

Provide Employees With:

  • A common understanding of company security measures
  • An understanding of how to recognize and report suspicious activity
  • Common de-escalation techniques when dealing with upset customers or other individuals
  • An understanding of what to do in the event of an active aggression event in the workplace and/or public
  • With useful tips to keep self and property safe in day-to-day life
Electronic Video / Listening Devices

Electronic Video / Listening Devices

“Bug Sweeps” ensure privacy during sensitive conversations and within the sanctity of a home. The discovery of an unauthorized video and/or audio electronic device requires particularized knowledge and technical skill. Our qualified experts will perform a thorough electronic evaluation of a room or vehicle to detect the presence of surveillance devices. Any discovered devices are safely removed followed by a security consultation and recommended course of action.


  • Board Meetings
  • Legal Meetings
  • Other Sensitive Meetings
  • High Profile Residences
  • Peace of Mind
  • Business competition or industrial espionage

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